6 Tips to Clean your Memory Foam Mattress

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When you don’t overlook the cleaning of your surroundings, then the same rule should apply to your memory foam mattress, too. After all, it is related to your healthy sleep. So, you can’t take any chances with your hygiene. You need to keep it clean from time to time so that nothing is found lurking inside your mattress. You can opt for a maid service.

On the other hand, a memory foam mattress is a long-term investment. Hence, you have to look after the mattress and its cleaning schedules. And, it can serve you for a long period, without the presence of grime, dust, odours and allergens. Bid goodbye to those struggling days of mattress cleaning with these tips.

1. Try a Vacuum Cleaner for Loose Dirt

Over time, specks of dust and dirt can accumulate on your mattress. And, all these can invite allergens to your sleeping surface. Therefore, use a vacuum cleaner and a suitable vacuum attachment for those difficult-to-reach crevices. The best instance would be if you can avail a hand-held vacuum, according to the Maid service Dubai experts.

2. Use Dedicated or Home-Made Solutions to Remove Stains

A stain on a white or light-coloured foam mattress is one of the most unwanted things. Relying on those strong commercial cleaners might ruin your mattress and its quality standards. If you can’t avail time for making a home-made cleaner, then you can use mild fabric softener to get rid of the stain.

Otherwise, you can mix a half cup of white vinegar with a cup of water. And, use this cleaning solution to wipe out the stain. Spray the solution instead of pouring. Or else, it can lead to the growth of mildew. If the water consistency seems too runny, then use a cloth to soak the excess moisture from the mattress.

Maid Service Dubai professionals even use hydrogen peroxide to eliminate the toughest stains from the memory foam mattress. But, it should be entertained under the only technical supervision of mattress cleaning experts. Otherwise, the improper density of the chemical can lead to the fading away of the colour and the texture.

3. Deodorize the Mattress with Baking Soda

With humidity and other weather conditions, you might get the smell of musty odours from your memory foam mattress. You need not necessarily depend upon synthetic deodorizers to combat against pungent odours. However, the essential deodorizing agent is available in your kitchen. Take some baking soda and sprinkle on the mattress. 

Make sure that the airflow is sufficient. You can keep the windows open or switch on the ceiling fan so that baking soda can absorb moisture from the mattress. This baking soda trick will also work if your infants have bed-wetting trouble. For such a case, soak the urine with a paper towel or absorbing cloth. Then, shower sufficient amount of baking soda on the mattress. If the odour still persists, consider hanging it outside in the sun.

4. Use a Hairdryer to Let the Mattress Dry

After cleaning the stains from your memory foam mattress if it still feels humid, then you have to dry up the mattress. Or else, microorganisms can surely breed under your mattress. So, set your hair dryer at a low temperature and blow-dry your mattress, thoroughly. Maid service Dubai experts recommend hair dryers over fans as it takes five to ten minutes to complete the drying stage, whereas the fan might take hours.

5. Don’t Blindly Trust Steaming

Steam cleaning works for porous and hard surfaces regarding both cleaning and disinfection. But, steam treatment to your memory foam mattress might worsen the situation rather than benefiting. The water droplets from the steam can penetrate and stick to the mattress. The resulting moisture can contribute to growing moulds inside the mattress; especially, if it fails to avail enough airflow to get dried.

6. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

If you consider mattress cleaning on your own, then you should not use any strong detergents and chemicals to clean the memory foam mattress. As per Maid service Dubai professionals, it can lead to long-lasting damage to the fabric and the material of the mattress. Moreover, it can harm the mattress and its effectiveness.

How Often Should You Clean the Memory Foam Mattress?

Apart from the right steps, techniques and cleaners for mattress cleaning, the frequency of cleaning also matter. Maid Service Dubai experts suggest cleaning the memory foam mattresses at least twice every year. And, you can maintain hygiene by regularly replacing the bed linens, mattress upholstery and washing them. For sensitive instances to pollen allergies, perform a basic mattress cleaning regime with daily dusting and vacuuming. And, don’t forget to avail professional help from Maid Agency Dubai for top-notch finishes.

6 Tips to Clean your Memory Foam Mattress

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