Can my Housekeeper Make a Comeback in my House?


Amidst the current pandemic situation, social distancing and frequent cleaning with disinfection are the only ways to survive from the infection. Almost every affected nation emphasizes isolation and quarantine for months. So, you have to complete every household duty on your own.

Whether it be scrubbing the dishes or mopping the floor, everything is feasible. But, it is quite common that you can get frustrated with all this work and ask yourself ‘when can your housekeeper join his or her duty?’. 

We understand your thoughts and numerous people are forced to say goodbye to their housekeepers due to lockdown. Now, they are patiently waiting to get back to their work at your place. But, the main question is whether it is safe for you and your housekeeper to enter your household premises. 

Is it the Right Time?

That’s another prime query. When you are thinking of re-employing your housekeeper at your house again then have a look at the infection rate around your locality and community. However, the right time relies on hard immunity and risk tolerance factors. Many cleaning service providers and other domestic service providers have reopened with every possible safety measure.

And, when the cleaning professionals are wearing masks, gloves and other protective equipment along with social distancing then you can trust them. But, do check the statistics of the rate of daily infection near your location before you call in any cleaning professional or your former housekeeper. 

Precautions to Take

If your housekeeper agrees to return to your house then there are some responsibilities for you and your housekeeper as well. We understand that cleaning and sanitization are necessary as there is no proven and effective medicine or vaccine against Novel Coronavirus. 

Now, you have to make some planning before they arrive. Keep your house ventilated if the weather is suitable. You can provide the housekeeper with advanced instructions on cleaning and other chores. Maintain social distancing and wear masks. Tell the housekeeper to wear a mask too. In fact, Maid Service in Dubai is taking preventive measures against Coronavirus. 

If possible, suggest the housekeeper wear a PPE kit to ensure maximum safety. The housekeepers should inform you before they arrive at your home. So, you can stay outside until they are done with their job. For instance, you can be in your garden. 

Don’t forget to keep doors and windows opened even if they have left. Because they have cleaned and sanitized several surfaces and it takes time to get the surfaces dried properly.

Additionally, don’t permit the housekeepers to attend the work if they are sick. Offer the temperature check mechanism to your housekeepers. The same applies to you, too. Mitigate the chances of infections by the rules and regulations strictly. 


You might think that soap bubbles and perfume can spread the infection, as well. But, this is not true as these aerosols dry up instantly. However, don’t forget to wear your mask and wash your hands for at least twenty seconds with soap and water. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizers or rub-on, when you can’t avail soap and water.

Moreover, wash your face and hand with soap when you return to your home. Don’t touch your face, eyes, and nose with unwashed hands. You can spray disinfectant over doorknobs to reduce the infection rate. Maintain social distance and keep yourself safe. Book Maids in Dubai and leave them the rest. They will make your house shine.

Can my Housekeeper Make a Comeback in my House?

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