House Cleaning Checklist: An Ultimate Guide from the Professionals

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If you consider cleaning your entire house, are you sure you would be able to immaculate every niche and corner of your home? The answer is simple, and if you prepare a house cleaning checklist, you can confidently clean every corner of your house.

Apart from this, if you ever hire a professional cleaning service, you can check for yourself that at first they prepare a cleaning checklist and follow it. So, if you want your house to look guest-ready, don’t waste your time, you have to prepare a cleaning checklist.

Here, we are going to explain how you can prepare your checklist and what tools you must use. You will also get to know what you should avoid doing while preparing the checklist.

Before you Start

Now, before you start the cleaning process, inspect your room and pick up the clutters such as old and unnecessary magazines and throw them into the dustbin. Also, don’t waste your valuable time to gather all the cleaning supplies. Put all the supplies into a bucket so that you will get everything near your hand when you are ready. 

Besides, ensure that the bucket you plan to put the cleaning supplies contains soap scum remover, glass cleaner, a scrub brush, detergent degreaser, toothbrush, sponge, and a green scrubby for starters.

Now, you are ready for cleaning. 

Here’s How You Can Clean Your House from Top to Bottom

First, you have to decide how you want to clean your house and how much time you can spend. It will help you to set up the housework cleaning schedule. For your assistance, we have prepared a cleaning checklist for you.

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Clean the cabinets of the kitchen. Ensure to clean the fronts of the cabinet thoroughly. Wiping down a wooden cabinet needs special care. Hence you have to ensure that you are using the correct chemical solution in order to prevent damage.

Besides, you have to clean the inside of the microwave. For this, you are advised to use breaking soda and clean the microwave without leaving any mark behind. Also, with a reliable household cleaner, you should wipe down the kitchen countertops. In case you have granite countertops, ensure that you use the proper granite cleaner to prevent damaging the surface.

Clean the Stovetop. Also, under the burners, take out the control knobs and wipe down them. Apart from this, you might have to remove the drip pans and clean them to remove the stubborn grease. While cleaning the stove and oven, don’t forget to clean the range hood.

The refrigerator is another essential appliance of the kitchen. Hence, you should wipe the inside of the refrigerator. First, take out the shelves as well as drawers from the refrigerator and, after that, thoroughly wash them with warm water and soap. Finally, wipe the Fridge.

If you have dishwashers, clean the filter of the dishwashers. Take a paper towel and remove the dust from the tub. Remove the trash and wipe down the outside of the garbage can. 

Living Room Checklist Cleaning

First, clean your living room, take a microfiber cloth, and clean the outside of the cable box, television, and stereo. With a disinfecting wipe, you should sanitize the remote controls. Take extra care while cleaning the remote control and video game controller as these contain more germs as compared to other appliances.

To clean the windows of your room, use a glass cleaner. Also, use a disinfecting cloth on the window sills and wipe it. Take an extendable duster and remove dust or debris from the ceiling fans, and light fixtures.

Use a microfiber cloth and wipe the dust from inside the drawer. Use a vacuum with a brush attachment and wipe the dust from the curtains. You will see dust around the artwork as well as photographs. Use a duster or damp cloth and run around the frames. Also, with a cloth and glass cleaner, clean the boundaries of the glass.

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Use vinegar and dish soap, make a natural cleaner to clean the tub, and shower. Apart from this, with a reliable bathroom cleaner, clean the soap dishes and chowder rack. To clean the shower track, use an old toothbrush. Besides, rinse as well as wipe down the shower walls. Use a glass cleaner and light spray over the mirror. Then, clean the mirror with a paper towel or old newspaper.

Empty the drawers and medicine cabinet and then wipe down the inside of the drawers and medicine cabinet. You are also advised to unclog the air vents. Take out the vents and then with vinegar and paper towels, clean the inside of the air vents. Use a steam mop and wipe across the floors. 

Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Gather all the things that you don’t anymore and throw them into the dustbin. Take out the bed lines and go to the laundry to wash them. Use glass cleaner and clean the windows and all the other areas of the room.

Take out the lampshades and, with the glass cleaner, wipe down the light bulbs. Run a duster inside and outside of the lampshade. From the bed, remove the mattress cover and send it to the laundry for washing. Besides, you are advised to clean the carpet. Vacuum around the baseboards in order to remove the buildup dust. 

Now, if you implement each of the tips as mentioned above, you will be able to retain a clean room and give your house a fresh look. Furthermore, if you need any subsequent help, then call Maid Agency Dubai. Professionals have immense knowledge about the cleaning process as well as cleaning tools. Thus, you can retain your peace of mind by hiring expert assistance.

House Cleaning Checklist: An Ultimate Guide from the Professionals

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