How Coronavirus has Changed the Working Procedure for Professionals? Is it Safe to Hire Them?

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Everyone is trying to shield themselves from the coronavirus, and thus the demand for professional cleaners is reaching new heights. However, the question that comes in-between, whether the cleaners are able to keep themselves safe? Is it safe to hire a cleaning service provider amid the pandemic?

According to Deb Lawrence, a 60 years old woman who runs a cleaning business in the West Midlands, this is a really frightening task. Ms Lawrence was a member of the team which recently deep-cleaned a doctor’s surgery after sending a patient for the COVID-19 testing. She said that in order to prevent the cross-examinations, the group had to take extra precautions. And that included color-coded equipment and wore personal protective equipment (PPE). 

So, let’s find out how the present cleaning industry is coping with the situation and providing the service.

Hiring a Cleaning Service Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

People get satisfied if they see the cleaners wearing masks and gloves. Besides, a cleaner needs to take extra precautions if he/she visits a suspected place. Cleaners should think about whether they’ve put the PPE correctly? Have the cleaners got enough water in order to mix the chemicals to the right ratio? 

Professional cleaners are essential for safe workplaces as well as for residents. They can increase productivity and prevent injuries. According to Cari Gray, safety consultant for the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation, professional cleaners are now the front liners and helping people to avoid any uncanny situation.

Nowadays, professional cleaners play a vital role during this COVID-19 pandemic. They wear all the necessary protective equipment such as color-coded equipment, gloves, and masks so that they can restrict the disease from spreading. 

Also, they maintain at least 3 feet distance between their clients. Before touching your equipment, professional cleaners wash their hands with hand sanitizer or soap. Besides, while fixing your damaged or broken equipment, they use proper sanitizers and hand wash. Also,  professional cleaners follow a strict set of rules to accomplish their tasks, based on the requirement.

Cleaning Management

No matter what may be the situation, timely cleaning is essential for reducing the slips. To clean various surface, amid this pandemic, professional cleaners follow the given strategies:

  • Schedule the cleaning process, when there is minimum foot traffic in the area.
  • Cleaning supervisors take all the necessary safety precautions and have been trained to properly supervise the work practices by following the social distance guidelines.
  • Cleaning methods are fully updated and planned before the initiation of the task.

Responsible for Cleaning

Professional cleaners have years of experience in this particular field. So, with proper safety precautions, they can do their work smoothly. All the works will involve a proper protection kit while undergoing the cleaning task. If anything goes wrong, they will take full responsibility.

Cleaning Schedules

After entering the project assigned area, cleaners put their equipment and other packages in a fixed place, so that the diseases can not spread. Their cleaning process is well planned and systematic. Also,

  • They clean the indoor as well as outdoor areas. 
  • Conduct routined cleaning inspection and sanitize the entire area.
  • Accommodate or reschedule based on bad weathers
  • Include deep comprehensive cleaning

Cleaning Equipment

Before cleaning, they thoroughly sanitized their equipment. Apart from this, they only bring equipment that is suited to the task. For example, paper-towel rather than a wet mop for the small spill. Also, they include barriers and signs to keep individuals off any wet zones, if ‘clean-to-dry’ is beyond the realm of imagination. 

These are the things that cleaners should consider as they have been trusted to go to a place and perform their duties and most importantly keep the people safe. The job can be debilitating and the cleaning team is usually under a great deal of pressure. For example, a 15 team member is usually assigned to deep cleaning a school. And, it might take several hours to clean every area of the school. Thus, one cannot ignore the risk that it beholds.


Cleaners are the ones who keep everyone safe at home, school, and at the office. This is a very difficult task and thus every step must be taken seriously. Besides, older employees must be respected and never put them at risk. And, the company must take all the necessary steps so that the virus should spread. Thus, if you find that all these are well maintained and well-covered by any particular service provider then hire them immediately.

How Coronavirus has Changed the Working Procedure for Professionals? Is it Safe to Hire Them?

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