Mold Cleaning Tips for All Outdoor Furnitures

Mold Cleaning

Many people like to build their backyards with outdoor garden furniture so that people can enjoy the view and enjoy the fresh air. Additionally, this furniture comes in many different shapes, material, texture, and style. 

But, one thing that is commonly found among all of them, are molds. Molds are one of the most common types of fungi that occur on furniture. This can severely damage the furniture, make it lose its texture and it’s withstanding abilities. 

If you have outdoor furniture, then you may be familiar with them and cleaning them off can sometimes give us stress. However, we have made a list of expert tips on cleaning molds from outdoor furniture. Read more to find out. 

Why do Molds grow on Outdoor Furniture?

Molds are typically known as a fungus that can grow on anything, including food items. On the other hand, molds are biologically conditioned to grow in areas that are moist or damp. The majority of regions in Dubai have high humidity. Thus, giving the molds a fair chance to grow and can cause serious damage to one’s health. 

If you have an outdoor restaurant where your clients come and dine outside, or if you have kids who love to use your backyard, then it is important to get rid of molds from any type of furniture. This is because molds consist of spores that can come in close contact with anyone and causes issues like, rashes, runny nose, itchy skin, red eyes, etc. 

Expert Tips on Cleaning Molds from All Types of Outdoor Furniture

In Dubai regions, molds are a common phenomenon for outdoor furniture. But, using the right methods, you can clean them off in the following ways:

1. Patio Furniture 

Patio furniture is usually the kind of furniture you’ll find by the swimming pool or by the beach. But despite that, many gardens have patio furniture and they are vulnerable to molds. The best way to clean them off from patio furniture is by using a mixture of soap, water, and mild bleach. 

Do a spot test before you apply on the furniture because bleach is a strong agent that can cause discoloration. Use the mixture from a spray bottle. You can also use chlorine Bleach to clean off the molds. 

2. Plastic Furniture

To remove mold formation from plastic furniture, try using a mixture of distilled white vinegar. To make sure the composition is not too strong, you can add a bit of water into the spray bottle and mix it with the vinegar. 

Now, carefully spray on the affected areas and then let it remain for an hour. After that, wash it off with lukewarm water. To get better results, apply a second coating of the mixture and do the same. 

3. Wood Furniture 

Wooden furniture made from Oak, Teak, or Eucalyptus or Cedar can get moisty and form molds. Before you start to clean molds from wooden furniture, it is extremely important to determine it’s texture and quality. 

Try doing a spot text with bleach to check if it discolours the furniture. Or, for safety, you can use a mixture of soap and water. Take a soft fabric, use the mixture, and scrub on the affected areas carefully. After that, you can rinse it off with water. Likewise, do it as many times as it takes but it would be advisable to research well about the suitable cleaning agent for wooden furniture. 

4. Aluminium Furniture 

Aluminium furniture is mostly lightweight and does not rust. But, molds can still grow on them. In that case, use a specific type of cleaning agent that is aluminium-based. Try to use a smooth cleaning agent that does not cause abrasion. Take a cleaning cloth, pour the solution into it, and damp the affected area. Do it a couple of times until you see the molds breaking off. 

5. Wrought Iron Furniture 

Iron brings a classy look to the furniture with a sturdy appeal. But, it still succumbs to humidity and moistness. This way, molds grow on them too. If you have Wrought Iron furniture, then it is advisable to use an Iron-based cleaning agent. Research more on the cleaning products. Or, you can use a mixture of dishwashing cleaning agents with water and spray it on the mold. 

Molds can sometimes become very hard to remove from the furniture. For such times, it is suggestive to get help from expert cleaning services for effective and immediate results!

Mold Cleaning Tips for All Outdoor Furnitures

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