Pro Tips to Keep your Home Clean & Disinfected Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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Wearing your mask and maintaining social distance can protect your life as well as millions of lives. Along with that, you have to clean and disinfect your belongings and every most-touched area in the home. Studies have shown that only cleaning followed by disinfection service can prohibit the rate of infection to a great extent.

Especially, when one of your family members is sick, you have to take extra precaution and care while handling the cleaning task. Let’s see how you can protect your home and near ones from such an infection.

How to Clean the Home?

Let us make one thing very clear that disinfection would only work if the specific surfaces are clean. So, invest your time and effort in cleaning, first. Then, you can carry out the disinfection procedure. Whether there is anyone sick or not in your home, you have to regularly clean highly-touched surfaces. Because germs can stay for a long period on hard surfaces. 

Here’s a strategic plan designed for you that you should follow while cleaning:

  • Wear masks and gloves when you are cleaning your home. Make sure that the wearables are either disposable or reusable.
  • Wipe most-touched surfaces such as tables, hard chairs, kitchen counters, toilets, doorknobs, remote controls and light switches. You can use dedicated cleaning agents with water or sprays for them. 
  • Mop the floors, handrails, staircases, windows, doors, etc with soapy water. These will eliminate contaminants, debris and dust from these surfaces.
  • Keep daily wearables separate from the ones that you use for going outside. Additionally, consider washing the clothes as soon as you step inside your home.
  • Those electronics that you use more frequently should be cleaned too. But, you can’t spill water on them for cleaning; otherwise, it will get water-damaged. So, blow out the debris and dust from them by using a blower or use a soft cloth. 
  • Most importantly, don’t overlook your hygiene. Wash your hands with soap and water for twenty seconds and more often. Also, you can use alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you can’t reach soap and water.

How can you Disinfect your Home?

Disinfect will eradicate all the deadly germs on the surfaces where applied. You can find out tons of disinfectants available in the market. But, be careful while choosing the disinfectant for your home. Because the disinfectant should be safe for your dearest ones including kids and pets. Read the label on the disinfectants to know the ingredients and if you find anything harmful, just discard it.

Basically, isopropyl alcohol and bleach such as hydrogen peroxide are enough to fight against Coronavirus. If you can’t avail a trusted disinfectant from the market then you can try to make a disinfectant for yourself. Just pour five tbsps of bleach in a gallon of water and store the solution securely. Now, let’s see how to disinfect the surfaces.

  • Spray the disinfectant over soft surfaces such as carpets, rugs, etc. You can consider laundering or vacuuming them before disinfecting them.
  • Similarly, you need to spray the disinfectant over the electronics and wipe the surface gently. In addition to this, you can consider disinfection wipes for more convenient use.
  • Mop the hard surfaces such as toilets, floors, handrails, doorknobs, light switches, etc with disinfectant solution. Don’t wipe them immediately. Disinfectants will work more properly if they are allowed to be dried on their own. Keep the space ventilated while disinfecting.

Furthermore, if anyone is sick at your home consider separate bathroom and toilets, if possible. Otherwise, disinfect toilets and bathrooms after every use.


Well, you can’t disinfect or sanitize your foods. But, consider washing vegetables with water properly before cooking. And, receive parcels and deliveries after spraying disinfectants over the package. Cover your face while coughing and sneezing. Wear masks and maintain social distance to stay healthy.

Pro Tips to Keep your Home Clean & Disinfected Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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