Tips to Remove Grease Stains from Your Cloth

Suppose you are sitting on a bench and about to eat a delicious, juicy hamburger. Or, you have just wanted to eat a pizza and after a bite, your favourite food accidentally dropped from your hand and you got a grease stain on your clothes. Now, what to do? 

Surely you want to give it to the laundry to wash your clothes. However, if the laundry service is far away from your place, as well as you don’t have enough free time, then you can try to remove the stains on your own. 

So, how to remove stains? Fortunately, here the experts associated with the maid service Dubai have come up with some pocket-friendly hacks that will assist you to wipe down the grease stains within a short time. 

6 Tactics to Wipe Down Grease Stains from Clothes

If accidentally grease stains drop on your clothes, surely you don’t want to waste your clothes. Luckily, here experts associated with the maid service Dubai provide some amazing techniques to completely wipe down the grease stains from your clothes. 

  • Stain Remover

Before proceeding to the several alternatives, professionals suggest you to use a stain remover to fight against the grease stains. Hence, if by mistake food drops over your favourite cloth, immediately spray a stain remover and wipe down the stain before it sets, otherwise you have to give more effort in order to remove it. The stain remover is formulated specifically for whipping down the stain and when used correctly, this can result in great results. Shout Advanced is a standard stain remover that is reliable on every grease stain. It’s designed with three ingredients and this can remove every bit of stain without damaging your cloth. 

  • Dish Soap

In case, you are at your home and drop grease stains on your clothes, then at first, we advise you to search for dish soap and use it. Then, use the dish soap over the stain, and rub the soap all around the grease stains. Just sit, relax and wait for at least five minutes. After that, wash your cloth with normal water or hot water. However, we always suggest you use warm waters, as the stains will remove quickly with hot water. For this, you can use the Dawn Platinum Dishwashing Liquid Soap as it comes with non-scratch scrubbers. 

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda is another useful alternative for removing grease stains instantly after they occur. Simply, apply some baking soda on the affected area, and then wait for 15 to 20 minutes. In addition, you must rub the baking soda on the grease stain, and wait until it completely absorbs the stain colour. You must repeat the procedure for a couple of minutes until the baking soda grasps the colour completely. Then, simply wash your cloth with normal water. Arm & Hammer is considered as one of the top notches baking soda for cleaning and removing purpose. Simply, sprinkle a little amount of soda on the cloth and in front of you, the stain will be removed. 

  • Makeup Remover

According to our professionals, Makeup remover can turn into a powerful stain remover. Remember that, Makeup remover provides the best result on the cotton cloths. Hence, use a makeup wipe first, and then scrub the stain on your shirt or pant, and wash your cloth in the washing machine. Also, if you use Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Face Wipes, then it can even remove hard waterproof mascara. Apart from this, without leaving any heavy residue, this stain cleaner can make the stains disappear from your clothes.

  • Salt

With Salt, you can quickly remove grease stain from your clothes. Suppose, you are eating food at the dinner table and suddenly you drop a morsel on your cloth. Simply, take a salt shaker and after that apply on the spot in order to lift out the stain. However, you need to use a stain remover on the affected spot and immediately wash it. Kosher Salt is known as an amazing stain remover. This pack is 48 ounces, as well as don’t contain any additives. 

  • Shaving Cream

Now, if your favourite carpet suffers from a grease stain, then you can always use shaving cream. With shaving cream, you can wipe down rugs, and other tougher fabrics from your home carpet. Just use some amount of cream and rub on the area. When it is completely dry, use a dry cloth and remove the excess stain.


Other than these, another simple way to remove grease stains is to hire a professional cleaner. So, you can visit Maid Agency Dubai and avail budget-friendly service, from experts working in this domain for years.

Tips to Remove Grease Stains from Your Cloth

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