Wish to Clean Your Laminate Floors? Here’s Expert Guide

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Most people don’t know how to clean the laminate floors, as somewhere it’s different from the normal hardwood floors and so there is a difference in the cleaning procedure as well. The two materials are not the same, but still many people think that laminate is an interior product of the wood flooring. Laminate floors are sealed with laminate and are made from panels of composite wood, combined together.

Now, when it comes to cleaning laminate floors, you must give special care, as if the surface is damaged or stained, then unlike the normal hardwood, you can’t simply polish these surfaces. So, the professionals associated with maid service Dubai have discussed some of the best strategies that you can try to clean the laminate floors.

Need for Laminate Floors Cleaning?

In order to maintain its quality and texture, just like all the other floors, laminate floors also need regular cleaning. Apart from this, because of numerous reasons, you might have to regularly clean your laminate floors. For example,

  • After a certain time, due to sand particles, there might be the appearance of scratches on the floor surface and ruin its beauty. With regular cleaning, you can easily avoid the problem.
  • Though most laminate floors are waterproof, if you continuously drop water on the floor, then there’s a high possibility that your floor might get damaged. Hence, always dry the laminate floor.
  • Also, if you haven’t cleaned your laminate floor for a long time, then dust can accumulate over it and as a result, your beautiful laminated floor can be destroyed permanently.

Techniques to Clean the Laminate Floors

As we have mentioned before, in order to avoid the replacing cost, you must treat the laminated floors with care. Therefore, no matter whether you wish to give your floor a fresh look or want to normally clean your laminate floors, you must follow the given techniques provided by the maid service Dubai.

  • First, go through the cleaning Instructions that come with the Laminate Flooring material

Before starting the cleaning procedure, you must check the manufacturer’s guidelines for the floors. As many times the brand might provide some specific instructions on the basis of the used material. On their website, almost every manufacturer provides a guideline on how to clean the laminate floors. Hence, check the recommendation and clean your laminate floor.

  • General Cleaning

Now, if you are not comfortable with the manufacturer’s instructions, then you can switch to another cleaning procedure. Like, to wipe down the dust, you can every day sweep a dust cleaning mop across the surface. If you encounter any liquid spills over the floor, then take a dry cloth or sponge and instantly remove the liquid spills. 

Remember that, unlike other floorings, laminate floors are not that much strong. Hence, if you use items, like steam cleaners, polishes or buffers, then the surface can get damaged easily.  Therefore, our experts suggest you, if you find that the floor is dirty, just use a mop, along with some elbow grease, and then clean the floor.  As an alternative, you can use some white vinegar. 

  • Use Hot Water

This is another useful home remedy that you can try to clean the laminate floors. Hence, at first, you must fill a bucket with warm water. Then, within the bucket, you need to soak a sponge mop. Though you can also use a traditional style mop, however with a normal mop, you can easily control the saturation level of the mop.

Furthermore, you must give your laminate floors a thorough mopping. Remember that, you must cover the entire floor starting from the center. You might have to re-soak and mop for a couple of times, as the mop gets barely damp. 

If the floor is still dirty, then we advise you to wait for sometimes and let it air dry. Else, you can take a dry cloth and mop the floor again. You are strongly advised, not to use an abrasive cloth as it might leave a mark on the floor.

  •  Apply Some Vinegar

In the beginning, within a 30 to 32 oz spray bottle, you must pour ¼ cup of white vinegar. Then, with plain water, fill the entire bottle, shake the bottle to get a perfect combination. The next thing that you must do is to sprinkle the mixture on the floor. Wait for at least one hour, and then take a damp cloth or mop, as well as remove the solution. In case, you notice a large amount of water still left on the floor, then take another microfiber cloth and remove the water.


We believe with these 4 techniques, you can quickly clean your laminate floors. However, you are always free to opt for expert help. For this purpose, you can hire experienced individuals from Maid Agency Dubai by booking a service. The experts have advanced tools and technologies to clean a laminated floor.

Wish to Clean Your Laminate Floors? Here’s Expert Guide

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