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Dubai is known for its hot climate along with natural calamities that include frequent sandstorms. Hence, you can’t underestimate the indoor pollutants and its high density even if you keep the doors and windows shut. On the other hand, the humidity level increases as the air can’t circulate throughout the home and office. It can invoke respiratory troubles and other physical discomforts. Cleanliness is the only saviour in this case. But, do you get enough time besides handling your daily chores at the office? We presume that you don’t. That’s why we have come up with our deep cleaning Dubai services for a thoroughly cleaned home/office


Deep Cleaning Services Dubai Offered by us

General professional cleaning doesn’t ensure maximum protection against germs and dust. Deep cleaning involves cleaning of every household item. Along with dusting and mopping the floors, the professional cleaning staff will cleanse the belongings like fans, windows and air conditioner ducts. Learn what our deep cleaning Dubai services include.


Living Room and Bed Room Deep Cleaning

Living room experiences most of the dust because it faces most of the foot traffic. Our professionals would mop the floors of the living room and bedrooms. Next, they would proceed with the cleaning and sanitizing of lampshades, windows, air conditioner ducts, switches, mirrors and fans. The expert professionals prefer steam sanitization, to prevent any chances of damages.


Bathroom Deep Cleaning

The bathroom is one of the main places for the germs lurking. Bathrooms need to be dried, at first. The experts start the process by vacuuming the bathroom floors. Then, they move on with scrubbing the bathtubs, showerheads, toilets. The professional cleaning staff sincerely cleans the mirrors and sinks in the bathroom. They complete the cleaning process with proper disinfection service.


Kitchen Deep Cleaning

It’s difficult to reach every corner of the kitchen. Additionally, the kitchen gets the toughest stains because of cooking. Our specialized cleaning staff work on those tough stains and grease with the needed cleaning supplies. From countertops to ovens, cabinets to floors, everything stays sparkling with our effective kitchen deep cleaning Dubai services.

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Why should you hire our Deep Cleaning Services Dubai?

In Dubai, whether it is a high-rise building or an apartment, people like to stay clean and keep everything well-managed. If you are moving into a new house then a deep cleaning service is highly required. You don’t want to step into a new home with messes. Avail our deep cleaning services Dubai for a stress-free life.


  • Get full-proof protection against microorganisms. Stay healthy and fresh with our affordable and efficient deep cleaning services.


  • We have employed only certified professionals for the deep cleaning job. Additionally, they are equipped with essential cleaning supplies and tools.


  • Don’t take the stress of deep cleaning your home. Rather relax and enjoy the freshness after our professionals are done with the deep cleaning services Dubai.


  • Are you planning a party or occasion? But don’t have the time to clean your home? Hire our deep cleaning professionals who clean your home from inside out.


Get in Touch with our Deep Cleaning Services Dubai Team

Visit our website and grab deep cleaning services Dubai. Contact our customer service executives in case of any emergency. You can call Maid Agency Dubai at 042706948 and discuss your queries or request for a quote via mail. Join the largest service network.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning services Dubai include wiping all surfaces such as floors, tables, appliances, chairs, countertops, faucets, etc. For a bathroom deep cleaning Dubai, our professionals take care of the mirrors, sinks, light fixtures, etc. We complete the overall deep cleaning through a well-planned sanitization procedure. 


How long should a deep cleaning take?

Basically, it depends on your residence’s location, foot count, dimensions, etc. A deep cleaning Dubai service might take one to two days. Our professionals will survey your house for the optimum results and you will get your house deeply cleaned within a few days.


How often should a house be cleaned?

Consider opting for house cleaning services within an interval of three to six months. If you are facing difficulty with a thorough cleaning service then hire our professionals for deep cleaning services Dubai. 


Is deep cleaning worth it?

Deep cleaning services help you to get the maximum protection from dust mites and microbes. A regular cleaning service can’t guarantee you the optimum results when compared with a deep cleaning. Thus, deep cleaning service is a must when you are going to move into a new house. Contact us today and grab a deep cleaning Dubai service.

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