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When we are cleaning a house or an office we often ignore the Windows. Actually, Windows are a gateway for germs, bacteria, and viruses to enter your room. Owing to weather changes and wind flow, layers of dust, dirt, germs, and bacterias can form on the glass and it is not an easy job to clean it without leaving any spots. Even if you wipe the glass, it is still not enough to break down the layers of dirt and germs. Moreover, it may appear clean but most likely, it isn’t because microorganisms are barely visible to our naked eyes. So, cleaning windows require a lot of time, safety measures, and quality products with proper equipment. However, our service can be of great use to you. With our trained professionals, our services are uniquely designed to provide you with the ultimate window cleaning  Dubai service. Our experts have the skills and knowledge to meet all your requirements. From cleaning the edges, window sills, glass of both residential as well as commercial spaces, they can take care of it all. 

Expert Window Cleaning Service in Dubai Offered by Us

We are identified as one of the most reliable and flexible platforms to provide customer-oriented window cleaning services in Dubai. Our team of experts is trustworthy when it comes to delivering proper window cleaning service. 

Residential Window Cleaning 

We provide residential window cleaning services where our experts first inspect the windows that need cleaning. From the inside, they rub and scrub the windows so that all the build-up grease is cleaned precisely. No amount of airborne dust or layers of dirt remain after cleaning and they make sure of that. For cleaning, they use quality products. 

Official Window Cleaning 

Same as residential window cleaning, we provide an official window cleaning Dubai service where our experts use protective measures work around the building and make sure all the window glasses from the outside are cleaned with efforts. They scrub off the layers of dirt and grease and make sure it is spotless after the service. 

Why Choose Us

We have a team fo expert professionals who are available round the clock to deliver quality service. To make sure they achieve excellence in window cleaning Dubai service, they undergo extensive training. 


  • Our experts have years of experience and knowledge in the service they provide. They use the proper equipment and products to make sure a good service is guaranteed. 


  • To make sure your safety is not compromised we’ve handpicked our experts and made sure they’re verified and licensed before they register with us. 


  • From dusting dirt layers on window glass, edge, and sills, scrubbing grease from the glass, mopping the glass to remove spots and stains, they make sure to use the scientific methods to implement them. 


  • Our services are completely based on what our customers want. According to their specifications, our experts follow the instructed steps of clients, during the service. 


  • We consider your budget to be an important factor which is why we make no mistake in keeping transparency. You will receive an invoice for the service charge right after the service is done. 

For More Help, Reach Us 

If you have any queries to make then you can reach out to our customer support team. Simply call our Maid Agency Dubai at  042706948 and get a quote right away!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best solution for cleaning windows?

To celan windows, the best solution would be a mixture of water mixed with vinegar. Using a relative amount of both in a container and using a sponge to clean the dirt is viable. However, DIY rules are not always profitable. Our experts use quality products to clean them. 

How do professionals clean windows?

Our professionals first dust off the surface layers of dirt on the window. Then, they scrub the grease and dirt front he window and finally use a soluble product to mop it and make it spotless. 

How much charge for window cleaning?

For window cleaning, our changes are at an approximate and minimal range. However, if you add more packages to the service then you might have to pay an extra amount along with the service charge. 

What to do professional cleaners use in UAE?

Professional experts use Dubai Approved products to make sure the windows are cleaned perfectly. Also, they make sure the products are of no harm to either humans or pets.

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