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Everyone has their own style and taste in clothes and fabrics. Now, to maintain the condition of all these different fabrics, different washing preferences are required. You can’t wash every fabric inside a washing machine; otherwise, the fabric can encounter wear and tear, wrinkles, and even experience colour fading. Sometimes, you have to wash the clothes one by one according to their colours, fabric quality, and other features. Therefore, washing can turn into a cumbersome job for you. Especially, when you have to attend an emergency business event or any other work. Why don’t you rely on our professional laundry and dry cleaning Dubai service? Our laundry and dry cleaning experts have been serving you for years. Find the right buddy for laundry service and dry cleaning near your location.


Impeccable Laundry Dubai Services Offered by us

Are you looking for ‘laundry near me services? We have got the perfect laundry room for your convenience. Get your wardrobe ready with fresh, clean, and scented clothes for any upcoming occasion or event. Don’t bother with the stress of doing laundry on your own. 

Wash and Press Laundry Dubai

Avail affordable and on-time laundry and dry cleaning Dubai service with our wash and press service. Our experts sincerely wash your clothes separately with mild fabric detergents. Then, they use a steamer for pressing the clothes. We don’t use hot iron plates as it might damage the fabric. Mention if you need dry cleaning while booking our services.

Clean and Fold 

Do you want to keep your clothes and wardrobe organized? Then, avail our clean and fold service. Our professionals perform dry cleaning of the clothes followed by folding them. Receive your clothes folded and get them delivered right at your doorstep.

Only Pressing 

In case, you want to only press the clothes therefore, you can surely hire the service. Our experts would steam-press your clothes efficiently. We ensure that no harm comes to the fabric. So, place your booking, today.


Why Should you Hire Laundry Dubai and Dry Cleaning Service from us?

In Dubai, there is a huge demand for efficient and on-time laundry and dry cleaning services. If you are looking for ‘laundry service near me’, thus we can be your best bet. Avail a plethora of advantages just by hiring dry cleaning Dubai and laundry in Dubai services from us.


  • Avail instant pick-up and delivery of clothes from our professionals. You need not come to our laundry room every time for laundry service. Just place your order and we will be there at your doorstep.


  • Our professionals are highly trained and duly experienced for years. They have got the right knowledge about laundry service and know-how to deal with the different fabrics. Your clothes are safe and secure in our experts’ hands.


  • We use mild detergents for washing the clothes. All our professionals use eco-friendly detergents to wash and then air dry your clothes. So, the clothes remain healthy and comfortable for wearing. Additionally, we avoid hot iron plates for pressing the clothes. We don’t compromise with the quality of service.


Discover Laundry Near Me Service 

Go through our services and book the laundry Dubai and dry cleaning service. Call our Maid Agency Dubai customer service executives 042706948, if you need any assistance and information with any service. Ask for a free quote today!.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a laundry service?

The laundry service includes washing, drying, and pressing clothes. Whether you are looking for ‘laundry near me’ then avail our reliable and cost-effective laundry Dubai service on a daily basis.

Is dry cleaning better than washing?

Dry cleaning is better than washing. And, the clothes remain well-maintained. Dry cleaning Dubai assures that the appearance of the cloth remains brand new. Additionally, dry cleaning would prohibit the shrinkage of the clothes and retain the texture and colour of the fabric.

What is the difference between laundry and dry cleaning?

Laundry includes washing clothes with water. But, dry cleaning Dubai doesn’t include washing using water. Dry cleaning involves washing with PERC solvents to get rid of stains and dirt.

Do cleaning services do laundry?

Several cleaning services do laundry Dubai services. We also offer proficient laundry Dubai service as well as dry cleaning Dubai service for you. Avail our wide range of services, today.

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