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Mattress is one of the most comfortable amenities in the house. Its softness is much effective in relaxing your muscles and more so, relieving you from any kind of stress disorder. But, its benefits come from its longevity which can be compromised if they are left uncleaned. Concerning that, mattresses can become very dirty from time to time. And, the problem with the mattress is that they need to be cleaned thoroughly because it has many layers inside. Also, mattresses can become a habitat for germs, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, and much more. We believe that mattress cleaning is not just another task to be covered easily. It takes time, precision, and dedication to continue cleaning them from time to time. Doing that can be more difficult on your own if you have a busy lifestyle. This is why we’ve made it simple keeping your priorities in mind. Our mattress cleaning Dubai services specifically cover cleaning the mattress & disinfecting it at the same time. 

Quality Mattress Cleaning Dubai Services We Provide

We spend the majority of our time on our mattress. Often it seems a residing place for allergens and dust. Even body fluids tend to accumulate, over the course of time. And, if you have pets, then chances of mites, bed bugs, fleas, and tricks hiding inside, is higher. However, with our structured mattress cleaning Dubai service, you can rest assured that all these problems will be washed away. 


The mattress cleaning Dubai service starts with our experts first vacuuming the mattress from corner to corner and side to side. They make sure all the surface layer dust, germs, and allergens are vacuumed out from the mattress. 


After vacuuming, our experts wash the mattress with Dubai-approved products that are suitable for all the mattress types. They start by washing the mattress with Dubai-Approved shampoo based on the type of mattress it is. During the process, scrubbing the mattress properly is done, to get rid of hard stains and odor. Once that is done they wash the mattress properly and leave it on for drying. 


Our services also include disinfecting the mattress with human and pet-friendly products. They start to disinfect the mattress from one corner to another covering all the sides.  After a certain amount of time, they leave it on for the dust and allergens to gradually come off. 

Why Choose Us?

We identify as one of the eminent mattress cleaning companies in Dubai. Our experts are always at your beck and call in terms of providing proper mattress cleaning Dubai service. 


  • Our experts have a plethora of knowledge about the equipment and guaranteed methods for providing the ultimate service. 


  • We keep your safety as our first priority which is why we only engage with an expert who is certified and efficient in providing the service. They also undergo proper training to achieve excellence. 


  • Our experts understand the importance of communication and professionalism so you can always be at the comfort of knowing what is going on during the service. 


  • Irrespective of what the size of the mattress is, be it large, double, or single, our experts can properly clean it. They’re always on a learning curve so, from every experience, they keep learning and improvising their service. 


  • We are considerate about your budget which is why we provide full transparency with the charges of the service. You will get an invoice and timely updates for the service.  Based on your preferences, you can also customize the mattress cleaning service during the booking process. 

For Additional Queries Reach Us!

If you have queries related to the mattress cleaning services, then you can reach out to our customer executives any time of the day and get them answered immediately. You can even call us at 042706948

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to clean a mattress?

The easiest and effective way of cleaning a mattress is by starting with researching materials for cleaning the mattress. Make sure the product you are about to use is suitable for the mattress type. Then, take the mattress to an empty spot where you can vacuum it. Our experts use quality products for scrubbing & washing them. Once that is done, they use certain chemicals to remove hard stains and odor. Try baking soda as a method to remove stains. Once that is done, vacuum it again and then leave it on for its residual debris to come out. 

What causes yellow stain on a mattress?

Many things like body fluid, oil, sweat, urine, food residuals, and others can be a reason why you have yellow spots on your mattress. To remove them, the use of quality products and scrubbing is necessary. 

Should I steam cleaning my mattress?

Steaming is another process of cleaning the mattress which is known to be effective in getting rid of germs and allergens by a long margin. It is advisable to use steam cleaning in mattresses to deeply clean it in front of the insides. 

What professional do?

Many professionals like mattress cleaners are experts in cleaning mattresses with the help of advanced equipment and effective products. They are experienced with it in such a way that effective results are always guaranteed. 

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